About Us

Our Story

The driving force behind our innovative all-in-one disposable pod device we call, the STIG, is our charge to help save millions of lives from smoking. Our intention is to offer the vaping community a practical yet enjoyable companion that is extremely portable with a pre-charged battery and a pre-filled e-liquid tank to get you started on your vaping journey immediately. The STIG is simply a more accessible vaping experience and the ultimate advantage to a seamless transition from smoking to vaping due to an optimal nicotine strength that lends the same type of satisfaction that you’re looking for with exceptional flavour.

Our Charge

It is our charge to provide an excellently tasty and simplistically satisfying vape experience for all our customers to improve the experience of making the transition from smoking to vaping and to help completely eliminate the habit, if so desired.


  • Contribute positively to the vaping community to further educate and boost awareness.
  • Bring forth the purest quality salt based nicotine to ensure customer satisfaction.
  • Uphold high customer service standards to enhance connection with transparency and respect.
  • Driven by and committed to successful outcomes for healthier and more active lifestyles.

Primed for the Future

It is our goal to be known for the finest tasting and most satisfying effortless vaping experience to serve as a solution for those who aspire to quit smoking for a healthier life or simply prefer a more discreet vaping experience. As well as, a source of inspiration for a smokeless future all around the world for generations to come.